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Presentation of the developed solutions

In the following the solutions are presented as they have originated from the development of home automation and HVAC solutions. The most advance is a heat recovery unit and linking appliances to the Internet.

Decentralized Heat Recovery

Having the windows closed an air stream is drawn out from the room and hands over part of its heat content but also humidity to an air exchanger. When fresh filtered air is blown into the room part of the heat and water is taken from the static heat exchanger. There are two silent fans in cyclic operation ensuring high fan efficiency. For increasing the thermal efficiency coupling with a second application connected over Ethernet cable is recommended. 

Resulting from client requirements an absolutely silent operation is essential for sleeping rooms. The fans RPM is therefore reduced depending on time or light intensity. In case of using the original cover of the rolling blind chamber the appliance can be hardly detected. 

Die Air temperature data may be recorded on a server in the cloud and presented via HTML page (also for energy monitoring). The appliance is offered as sketch for DIY, including sources for the parts. The controller and the code is offered separately since outside of sleeping rooms the appliance may be operated with cyclic timers. The corresponding application may work in passive mode or may be connected via power line for the fan.

The main benefits of the solution:

  • Parts account to approx. 200€-250€ per unit, depending on the size and implementation.

  • Energy saving (only small power demand).

  • Filtered intake air.

  • Very silent operation.

  • Sophisticated options for time and temperature controlled optimization.

  • May be enhanced with energy monitoring using manual meter input or S0-interface

  • May be connected with central heating units, remote control using nomadic devices.

  • No additional communication cost.

  • Not compromising IT-security since no port of the firewall has to be opened when accessing data on the server.

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Internet enabled embedded microcontroller

Server based energy monitoring 

If internet connection is available data may be transmitted cost efficiently to an server, even if the intranet is secured via firewall. A programmable controller may read 8-16 temperatures and analogous voltages transmitting data in defined intervals to the server. The IT-system is left untouched (router, firewall). In case of a flat Internet rate no cost occur.

The commercial offer comprises the ordering of the senors, programming on the controller and for the server (PHP) and the graphical representation. Furthermore knowledge about heat engineering helps defining the problems and introducing efficient solutions reducing energy demand.

The 32bit version offers 16 temperature sensors, allowing more complex monitoring services.

Internet eaabled embedded microcontroller

Server based energy monitoring and remote control of appliances

Networking of devices via Internet protocol allows the erection of complex systems including remote monitoring and remote control for ventilation and heating systems, also combining them. The system is based on an Internet enabled controller supporting sensors and actors. In the simplest case house thermostats may be controlled by one controller using one relay. It makes however sense adding one temperature measurement. Third party servers may be used for exchanging data between user and controller because data is encrypted.

The commercial offer comprises the ordering of the sensors and actors, programming of the controller and for the server (PHP) and the graphical representation. Furthermore knowledge about heat engineering helps defining the problems and introducing efficient solutions reducing energy demand. Specification, procurement and project management is also offered.


Server based environmental management system (mobile data entry)

Similar to the energy monitoring, you may log water, paper consumption etc.


Ergonomic Mouse pad reduces repetitive strain injuries

Reduce pain (Repetitive Strain Injury Syndrome ) in your shoulder by employing an ergonomic arm position. The tested solution provides an ideal working platform for the (cordless) mouse in an arm chair, but may be adapted for office chairs. In this description you find more details avoiding the gamers thumb.

Mouse Rest

Further developments mouse pad against RSI

The developed version has an upholstered rest for your palm and adapts to the round form of the mouse mat. Two hook and loop fasteners are fixing the mouse pad more securely to the arm rest of the chair. Attention, direct imports from China bear the risk of heavily contaminated mouse pads. For designing the final product a survey was created. Please give feedback so we may design the right product for you.

Mouse pad Rest