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Development of a Working Environment for Notebooks/Laptops

Mausablage und Bildschirmhalter
Mausablage und Bildschirmhalter

Computer work often causes repetitive strain syndromes or other muscusceletar disorders. So it it of utmost importance improving the working environment, especially for coders staying in the same position over a longer period of time. In the following a solution is presented which has been optimized over time. It fulfils the following requirements: 

  1. perfect ergonomics

    • display positioned in the distance of an arms length, so eyes may relax

    • adjustable orientation and pitch, so reflections cause by illumination or sun may be avoides

    • standard mice (preferrably wireless mice) usable, but also ergonomic vertical mice or trackballs.

    • comfortable rest for the forearm allows relaxed mouse usage

  2. weak requirements when producing the asembly

    • easily available materials

    • production needs only a small carpenter workshop

    mouse desk and screen holder
    Mausablage und Bildschirmhalter
  3. very environmentally friendly - low ecological footprint

    • re-use of used computer displays from notebooks (e.g. with defective main board or GPU)

    • mostly made from wood, metal screws, hook and look fastener removable

    • low power demand, using LED edge lit displays

    • much lower energy demand compared to TV-sets, but having the same viewing angle( equivalent to a TV having approx. 1.8 m width in a distance of approx. 3 m)

  4. high utility

    • very easy and fast mounting, using hook and loop fasteners

    • additional space for deposing mobile phones or tablets

    • may be mounted on non curved armrests of chairs

    • usage as secondary screen, but also primary screen when attaching an one board computer.

    • cup holder (usable for storing pens) also serves as holder for wine and beer glasses

Mausablage und Bildschirmhalter

Please give your preferences about the design of the arm- and mouse rest in this Survey.

Additionally a lap-desk is available, harmonizing with the 2nd screen assembly and offering perfect venting of the notebook and avoiding heating of your body.

The following points are still open, being in need of a collaboration of producers of the electronic parts.:

  • reduction of the controller size, stripping DVI and VGA-connections, and audio functionality, if no amplifier is included in the board.

  • controller fitting as HAT for an one board computer, which might be positioned on the back of the screen.

  • very lightweight loudspeaker to be integrated in the assembly

  • pushbutton unit could be integrated better, if cables leave it in the right direction.

  • reduction of cabling to only one cable (USB3.0 providing power too)

  • wireless charging possibility for mobile phones and computer mice

For producing industrial samples possibly within crowd-funding, partners are welcome. The market does extend beyond reclining chairs of a Swedish furniture retailing group. since the chair design has spread to other retailers, (Contact). Using the assembly in an office environment might be possible since the assembly will collide with the desk. Other usage scenarios include conference rooms, waiting zones and special care