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Technical Bureau for Mechanical Engineering and Energy Efficiency

starting in 2019: Project  EPC4SES
started in 2018: Project  PLATON in the program Electric Mobility Europe
Project results MULE – Multifunctional Urban Logistics Platforms with Electric Propulsion

vehicle designs MULE Energy- and Environmental Consulting e.U. - Your experienced research partner in the domains of energy and the environment

The complexity of systems has increased over the years. Swift and efficient decision taking needs insight into technical issues and competencies in decision taking methodologies like MCDA. Energy- and Environmental Consulting e.U. offers: Energy- and Environmental Consulting e.U. is experienced in compiling international consortia and writing proposals for funding.

Since its foundation in 1997 Energy- and Environmental Consulting e.U. works on concepts increasing energy efficiency of buildings and industrial appliances and with stationary and mobility use of alternative energy carriers.  Based on experience searching for and securing new ideas (a couple of own patents are active) EUC may swiftly present answers. Sophisticated methods are applied for qualitative (Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis MCDA) and quantitative (modelling and simulation) assessment of innovative approaches. Particular expertise in developing of algorithms and new calculation methods stems from the long lasting experience. Based on vocational experience in server-side programming using MySQL and PHP blended with client side programming using Javascript also prototypical implementations may be presented for new B2B and B2B applications also comprising simulation.