Ho-To for Creating Your Own Protective Shield

The shield using sheets from IKEA picture frames may only protect from spit, not from mechanical impacts!

Please discuss the exact sizes with the need owners. Attention, the used screen from an IKEA  picture frame is not scratch resistant and may break when bent!

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Material list:

Please check, no liabilities whatsoever are taken. The next image shows all materials which is necessary. Alternatives are possible - be creative.
The double sided adhesive tape is put on the foam stripes.
Vorbereitung Schaumstoffstreifen
The paper on the back side of the double sided adhesive may be cut to ease the removal.
Tipp Cutter Doppelklebeband
After fixing the first layer of foam material, double sided adhesive tape is fixed. If only stripes of small thickness are available, more than two layers may be used. Due to the later curvature, the innermost strip shall be extended before, gluing (pre-loaded).
Vorbereitung Befestigung Kopfband
The air gap allows for ventilation avoiding condensation/blushing. The inner foam strip shall be fixed only after bending the screen, or fixed after elongation of the strip.
Spalt Belüftung Schaumstoff Schutzschirm
On the front the headband is attached with double-sided adhesive tape (or if it is narrower also with duct tape).
Kopfbefestigung von Vorne am Schutzschirm
Duct tape is used to give additional strength to the fixture of the head band.
zusätzliche Befestigung mit Duct Tape
The screen is bent via the head band, which is closed with a rubber band.
fertiges Schutzschild
Here you may see the product in operation
getragenes Schutzschild
There is the possibility for more than one solution. The belt is from a bag.
Alternative Restlverwertung