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European Projects

Energie- und Umweltconsulting spells as Energy and Environmental Consulting and offers independent research in mechanical engineering(technologies for reducing the energy and resource demand) and strategic development of solutions reducing energy intensity and improving economy of alternative energy applications. More than ten year vocational experience in setting up and directing European research and promotional projects in the domain energy efficiency in transport and innovation have accumulated knowhow and howto.

Energie- und Umweltconsulting therefore seeks to apply this positive experience in developing pan-European ideas also in the fields of energy saving in housing and industry and the implementation of renewables also for power production. This points back to the first industrial job calculating an biomass fed open pressurized hot air system. Application knowledge with photovoltaics but also thermal solar are present.
You may download the List of publications 2006-2010 or the new flyer of the solar energy research centre offering IP

Here are project descriptions of nationally funded projects on shading and energy harvesting. They target the European area as market, searching for industrial partners to give shelter for the design protected idea: